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Edinburgh Gutter Cleaners off cost effective downpipe painting services to our clients. We do this by eliminating the requirement for cherry pickers or scaffolding. Our highly skilled and Rope Access certified downpipe experts can paint downpipes and repair downpipes by using ropes.

This is fast becoming a highly sought after solution to work at height. All of our clients are benefitting from our vast experience both within the rope access and downpipe painting sectors.

Why Choose Our Downpipe Painting Services?

  • Fast and efficient access using Rope Access
  • Let setup time and ground footprint
  • Years of experience in downpipe painting, downpipe repairs and gutter repairing
  • We use the latest in safety equipment allowing us to operate more effectively and safely
  • Cost effective and time saving alternative to conventional work at height methods such as cherry pickers or scaffolding

What We Offer You!

  • Close out report after the project
  • Digital photos illustrating works completed
  • Guarantee on our painting work
  • Highly skilled tradesmen


Our downpipe experts are ready to clean, prepare and paint your downpipes. Why not get that shine back on your building? Get in touch with us today!

Normally our approach is to access the roof via the access hatch. So as long as our client is able to ensure access to the roof is available/open, this is how we will access it.

With tenement buildings, we typically only require a key to access the hatch.

Rope Access requires less setup time than cherry pickers or scaffolding. As we are able to access the roof directly via the access hatch, we can setup from there. This allows us to strategically anchor our ropes directly over the work location. When we need to move, we can simply adjust the rigging of our ropes.

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